Combahee Throughline Immersion

June 2, 2020 is the 157th anniversary of Combahee Uprising: the most successful uprising of enslaved people on US soil, led by Harriet Tubman and achieved by over 750 people who reclaimed their freedom together in 1863, shifting the outcome of the Civil War.  In the 1970s this historic action inspired the founders of an emerging Black Feminist Collective to name themselves the Combahee River Collective.  This immersion is an interactive opportunity to learn about both of these miracles. 

Context and Inspiration

This self-guided course is for people who want to access original scholarship and interactive media to engage the history of the Combahee Uprising and the Combahee River Collective, AND who want to apply the insights of these important examples of collective freedom to their own liberation and the time we are living in now. 

Combahee Pilgrimage

Seven years ago on the 150th anniversary of the Combahee Uprising we brought 21 Black feminists to the shores of the Combahee River to celebrate and clarify our freedom.  We see this online course as a way to activate that freedom in our broader community.  This short film shows part of our experience. 

Discount for first 25 participants

Those who help us get the ball rolling will get a 25% off discount. Use DISCOUNT CODE: combahee25 or the link below. This discount link will stop working when 25 people have enrolled. 


What do I get if I sign up for this course?

This course includes seven interactive modules utilizing a range of media forms.  You will have the opportunity to watch videos, participate in guided meditations, read original scholarship and download visioning and journaling worksheets.  All of the modules can be done at your own pace. You will have access to the course for at least a year (until July 2021.)