BFB Meditation FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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For technical questions related to your log in or the function of the site you can contact the Podia help team.  They are pretty responsive and friendly. For Meditation Chorus questions, comments or requests about the practice, the flow of this journey, etc. message us in this system or email us at

Meditation Chorus Format

The way it works is you will come to the online practice space everyday at a time that works for you and do the practice. Our intention is that thousands of us do the same ancestor inspired Mantra practice within the same 24 hour period (between 8pm and 8pm *eastern US). In effect, multiple people will be meditating together at the same time all day and night.
How powerful is that?

What time commitment is required for the 21 Day Practice?
The meditations are between 10 and 18 minutes long each. Each participant can practice them in their own time. Ideally, we will all do them within the same 24 hours after each one is made available (between 8am and 8am the next day eastern US/New York time zone).

How will we practice and what is needed?
Meditations will be posted by 8pm every evening allowing early morning meditators to practice and all of us to practice within the same 24hrs (8pm-8pm). We will send out an email everyday when we post the new meditation and you can log on to the practice space where you will have access to all the previous meditations as well as the new one in the same place.

You can download the audio versions of the meditations, as well, as they are posted.

You will need a computer or mobile device to access the meditations but after that (if you download the audio and/or image) you could practice on any audio device with the recording. We suggest using your sound system or headphones to get the full experience. Also, it can be helpful to sit in a comfortable clean or clean-ish space without interruption.

After the 21 Days

What happens to the mantras (or the practice space) after the 21 days?
About a week after the 21 days, following the live Meditation Chorus event Alexis is doing, the practice space will come down in preparation for the next co-hort. Participants will be able to download the meditation tracks prior to the close of the space.

Roles & Resources

Who is collaborating on creating the meditation chorus?
The practice originates with Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs. Alexis leads the practice and her voice leads the introduction, the mantra repetition and the closing salutation. Oloriṣa Ṣàngódáre Akinwale composes and creates the music and media that facilitates the practice. Ṣàngódáre also collaborates with different platforms to generate the online gathering space and communications.

Our chosen family and community support us in piloting these offerings.

How are you directing the monetary resources?
Our collective financial contributions go toward sustaining this online practice space and expanding the practice. This includes developing the physical Black Feminist Breathing Oracle Deck in physical form and an application form. The physical form will include the Oracle Deck cards and a booklet. The app will be interactive allowing you to draw a card which we intend to be accessible online and via mobile device.

Can I have a refund?
Our policy is no refunds. If something changes on your end and you can no longer participate we relate to your contribution as an offering or donation to make the practice space accessible for others and making it more sustainable for us and the team creating it. And definitely once the practice begins we are no longer in the space to consider refunds. Please think carefully about your investment of time, attention and intention before purchasing or making your offering to the practice space. 

Registration & Access

Can I register late?
Registration will close on June 7. If you miss out sign up to be notified about future opportunities to join a practice group (aka cohort) in the future. To make sure you get notified, you can get on the list here:

What do I do if I am having trouble logging in?
There is a help feauture in the practice space. The Podia folks can assist you with that if you are unable to login,  reset your password or resolve some other issue with the site.

I got a discount code. How do I use it?
When you got your discount email or other communication for being a member of one of our communities of practice you should have either gotten a discount button/link or code. When you click the button it should apply your discount automatically, but if not or you didn't get a link do the following:

a) after you click the button to register for/buy the course you will find yourself on the,
b) enter your email,
c) then you will see a gray question "Have a coupon code?"  Click that.
d) copy and paste the coupon code in there before entering any payment info.

Are there group discounts?
Yes. If you would like to practice with a group we have some discounts for groups. If you want to practice as part of your organization, crew, fam beyond BYP100 fill out this request form and I will send you a different code that everyone in your group can use.

I want to sponsor a Black Feminist Breathing 21 Day Meditation practice for 1 person. How do I do that?
Our first meditation chorus cohort so loved the 21 Day practice that they requested options to sponsor a practice. If you would like to sponsor one registration for the 21 Day Black Feminist Breathing Meditation Chorus use this link: Sponsor 1 Practice.

I want to gift the 21 Day meditation chorus to someone I know. How do I do that?
We find that the easiest way to do that is to just give the person the money. Some folks are creative about how they do that (e.g. share the image in an e-card or printed out card, announce it with a link, etc.). If for some reason that doesn't work to handle it with the person directly email us at


Who can participate?
Anyone who registers can participate.

Can white people participate?
Each of our offerings clearly state who the offering is for. This offering is for people interested in doing Black feminist meditation as we have been inspired to offer it.