Intro Black Feminist Film Pre-Production by Mobile Homecoming Trust

Intro Black Feminist Film Pre-Production

In this phase of the filmmaking process we use the script as a roadmap to collectively journey into storytelling. An excellent pre-production plan (production notebook) means that there are few surprises on set and every necessary piece of information is right at hand. This content is an offering for introductory and seasoned filmmakers alike to support a robust Black feminist centered pre-production process AND deep dives for those interested in engaging the Black Feminist Film School methodology for film Pre-production on a deeper level or for your project.


The current iteration of these courses requires the following:
  • computer with internet browser
  • internet access
  • camera via mobile device or standalone camera (still or video)
  • headphones

great to have but not required:
  • web camera / mobile device camera for video conferencing
  • hardwired ethernet connection

Course Structure


The course consists of five self-guided components and two optional opportunities for interaction (see adjacent column). Videos and handouts will guide the first five self-guided segments on Pre-production. You will then send the faculty a (draft) portfolio of the work you have made in response to the self-guided activities for feedback. 

Interactive (optional)

You have the option to engage with us as we engage this practice space via written feedback from faculty on your scriptwork and one live gathering with faculty and other course participants. The course culminates with an optional (fun role played) production meeting using some of our pre-production notebooks created in the course. 
Black Feminist Film School draws from Black Feminist legacies to engage filmmaking as a tool for expanded awareness - filmmaking as spiritual practice. In this practice space our multiple perspectives and levels of experience/eldership are a benefit to us all. From introductory content to advanced content we explore the 5 primary areas of filmmaking- Development (Scriptwriting), Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution (Screening). We are also planning two virtual production intensives where we do a production entirely within a Black feminist context (in our remote locations).

*Bf - Black feminism, Black feminist