A Sweet Space for Growth & Transformation

20 years of study and experience harnessed to support your journey FROM anywhere TO anywhere that Love guides you to go! I am a sweet space for transformation. I transgress gender and transcend the physical. I am Sangodare!

In collaboration with Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs  we present Mobile Homecoming Trust Living Library and Archive which exists to sustain the lives of Mobile Homecoming and Black Feminist elders, their care takers and legacy bearers. It grew out of Mobile Homecoming which exists as an intergenerational experiential archive project to amplify generations of Black LGBTQ brilliance. This is the practice space that grows out of that work.

Black Feminist Film School

Black Feminist Film School draws from Black feminist legacies to engage filmmaking as a tool for expanded awareness - filmmaking as spiritual practice. In this practice space our multiple perspectives and levels of experience/eldership are a benefit to us all. From introductory content to advanced content we explore the 5 primary areas of filmmaking - Development (Scriptwriting), Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution (Screening). We are also planning two virtual production intensives where we do a production entirely within Black feminist context (in our remote locations).


Pre-production is crucial ceremony prep. Those who know can attest like Alice Walker who describes making a film as an initiation. Getting there, to the sacred grove, the set, is a huge part of the journey! When we arrive prepared, grounded, surrounded by loved ones even the challenges can be experienced as gifts.
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Development (Scriptwriting)

A Bf* toolbox and collaboration are essential when we have an idea or draft of a script and intend to develop it into an excellent script that can birth a film. This comprehensive immersion into the bffs methodology deepens practice and builds relationships for the journey.
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Ready? Spiritual Practice that resonates & reflects YOU!

Structured by what Queer Black Feminism has to teach us, I have created practice spaces for Growth and Transformation.

Mobile Homecoming Trust

Alexis Pauline Gumbs, PhD

I'm Sista Docta Alexis, a Queer Black troublemaker and Black Feminist love evangelist! Sangodare is my primary collaborator. I'm excited for people to get a chance to access generations of love on their own timeline through this practice space.

I have been teaching poetry, creative writing, media literacy and film studies for over 24 years including work with The International Black Youth Summit, Duke University and the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind. 
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Sangodare (J.R. Wallace, MDiv)

I'm Olorisa Sangodare Akinwale. Together Alexis and I draw from our individual and combined skills, gifts and talents. This is the platform we have built for our individual and joint offerings via Mobile Homecoming Trust Living Library and Archive!

I have been creating film, media and music for over 23 years. I have been teaching film and media for over eight years including a teaching residency in the Film Department at Lawrence University in Wisconsin.
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Imagine being uplifted by QPOC congregation

We find healing catharsis and clarity in queer collective spiritual practice; from the resonance of reflection to glimpses inside the mystical.

The many shoulders we stand on have provided us the gift of being grounded in spiritual traditions that used to exclude us as QPOC/LGBTQIA+/SGL spirit beings. Now, we are reclaiming our rightful places as spiritual leaders.

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You can watch the sermons from our monthly services at Northstar Church of the Arts in Durham and other offerings

Enjoy the services and DIY self-guided discovery and spiritual practice prompts.
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21 Day Black Feminist Breathing Chorus! 
A collective Meditation Practice.
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